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"I loved [Heidi's audio book]. The poems are so incredibly powerful -- it's amazing to me how the words are able to capture that depth of pure love, its essence and multidimensional qualities. The flute music behind it [provides] the perfect touch; a beautiful soundtrack that adds even more life to the words." - Jeffrey Marks, medium and author

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Crossing the Rubicon by Heidi Connolly

Winner of honorable mention awards at the 2015 NY Book Fesitval, the 2015 Paris Book Festival, and the 2014 Southern California Book Festival in the category of spiritual nonfiction.

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"The perfect book for all writers and lovers."

22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards 



"Crossing the Rubicon refers to the event in 49 BC when Julius Caesar led his army across the Rubicon River, signifying a point of no return. The poetry in this book also signifies the point of no return in the relationship of a couple, one alive, and one passed into the next life. I found it both haunting and remarkable that Connolly first started writing her poems when bidden, and that she knows the words are coming from Randy. Randy, says Connolly, was ever the poet, and could be expected to compose a poem for a special occasion.

"Connolly lays the poems out strategically: first one of Randy’s, then one of hers (although her poems are helped into being by his spirit, she acknowledges) and together, the poems form a conversation of love that truly is eternal. It is hard to read because each writer wants to be with the other. Yet it is hard not to feel in Randy’s messages that he is telling her, albeit before he died, to keep on living, and that the transformation from one life to the other takes time, as it does for the caterpillar to turn into a butterfly.

"I loved what she had to say in In the Aftermath. It gave me much food for thought. I also loved the Happy Valentine’s Day wish from both authors, prompting me to realize that this is the perfect book for all writers and lovers. Heidi Connolly’s artwork is beautiful, matching the sentiments in the poetry."

For many years, Harvard Girl Word Services has passionately offered traditional writing, editing, and self-publishing services along with coaching and workshop facilitation. I have often been told by clients how much they appreciate my ability to interpret and express precisely what they want to say through words and design. I cannot imagine a more gratifying endorsement. (If you would like to see a short, impactful video that expresses my philosophy about communicating in words, click here).

I feel blessed to love the work I do, and to be able to do it so well. And while I know there will always be another writer, editor, or consultant, I have also learned (as my husband liked to say) that “there’s no one quite like Heidi.”

The launching of this new website coincides with the advent of several new Harvard Girl services in addition to my more traditional ones. New offerings include workshops of a different ilk, such asWriting with Conscious Intentand Writing in Resonance, which focus on living and writing authentically, as well as audio book narration and improvisational, guided flute compositions that are directly from spirit, through spirit, to spirit and embedded with the energy of unconditional love.

One for one, these services fit perfectly, if perhaps unconventionally, into the Harvard Girl Word (& now Music) Services paradigm, since each is founded on my philosophy of incorporating love, joy, and integrity in everything I do through the vehicle of my two favorite means of communication: music and words. 

A close friend recently summed it up nicely: "Your work incorporates all the passions of your intellectual, professional, and soul life, Heidi. What could be more perfect?"